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Featured Slot games this month: recommendation and review

Hyper Orbs: Dragon Sense, Diamond Collector: Elite 7’s, and Diamond Collector: WolfPack are some of the most popular games that are trending in January 2022.  This series of new slot games has a collecting aspect in which you add up symbols on a huge reel in order to enhance your Free Spins and trigger greater prizes. Once the Free Spins have been triggered, each of the symbols that have been collected will add an expanding reel, a bonus spin, a wild symbol, or a multiplier to the game. Without further ado, lets dive in and inspect these new casino slot games one by one.

Treasure Box Multi-Level Progressives

In addition to delivering additional retriggers and respin possibilities for greater rewards, treasure box Dynasty and treasure box Kingdom are the most action-packed new entries in the Treasure Box series. The Treasure Box symbol appears on the reels and when it does, all of the coins combine their worth, creating possibilities to win more prizes! When up to three gold pyramids are lined up the player gets the chance to gain a 3x multiplier for their round and a total of 20 free games max.


88 Fortunes: Emperor’s Coins


With an eye-catching appearance and fascinating new features, SG’s 88 Fortunes: Emperor’s Coins is a captivating and innovative new gaming experience! More players in this game means higher progressive jackpot, not to mention a higher probability of pulling a win. Furthermore, it is also possible to win the Grand Progressive Jackpot if three Fu Bat wild symbols appear on the reels in a row!

Skunks Have Gone Wild in Stinkin’ Rich


The much-loved classic is back, and it’s even better than before! You can almost smell victory in the air. Due to the Gold Bet and the addition of Wild Action, the dramatic return of the original Stinkin’ Rich slot game provides even more possibilities to win a Stinkin’ Rich progressive jackpot. Stack up symbols and wilds on three consecutive reels to increase your chances of winning!


IGT Classics collection 


Games have been redesigned and are now available on our casino floor! Relax and enjoy the traditional gameplay with a new fresh and clean look and feel. Visit Coyote Moon, White Orchid, Wild Wolf, and Wolf Run now to see what they’re all about!


Buried Treasures and Dean Martin 


Aren’t we all glad to witness the comeback of the classic Money Burst game in the online casino scene. In order to activate multipliers, extend reels, and entertain new mini game features, you must collect money and burst wilds and symbols. Buried Treasures maintains faithful to the traditional Money Burst slot, in which stacked symbols can result in large rewards for the player. The Dean Martin-themed Money Burst will reward you with a complete song and dance progression that is guaranteed to keep you entertained.


Cashman Bingo


All of the well-known Cashman antics are combined with unique Cash on Reels, where all cash values and jackpots are collected on a Bingo Board to build a B-I-N-G-O to Win! Cashman BingoTM is available in both desktop and mobile versions. The Wheel Feature and Free Games, when combined with a Retrigger, can result in a multiplier of up to ten times!


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More Bang for your Nickel: Microgaming game recommendations

The origin of the internet casino sector has long been a source of fascination for many people, and now they’re about to get some answers. It was Microgaming that became the world’s first online casino in 1994, marking the beginning of what is now known as the Internet gambling era. How the world has changed in the intervening two and a half decades is truly amazing to contemplate. Microgaming has worked relentlessly to become one of the most well-known brands in the field of ldevelopment since taking that initial step into the big unknown In contrast to being merely another player in the history of this sector, Microgaming has been credited as the originator of a global phenomenon that has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide.


Microgaming provides high quality games


With such a distinguished history and a long number of firsts to their credit, it should come as no surprise that they were among the first firms to go into the production of progressive jackpot games. Years later, they are able to brag of a diverse collection of over 41 progressive games, including player favorites like Mega Moolah, which, incidentally, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest online jackpot ever won.


1.Mega Moolah


Mega Moolah has captivated the imaginations of many daring gamblers with its Wild Africa-themed motif. Although, in actuality, the jackpot prize pool is the primary reason for its widespread popularity. While it is still a game of chance, there have been a number of players who have been fortunate enough to win large jackpots with this game in recent years, giving others more than enough motivation to try their luck!

2.King Cashalot

This is a genuinely enjoyable medieval-themed progressive jackpot that will be more popular with moderate gamblers who keep an eye on their credit balance while maximizing winnings, rather than with those who go all-in for the big prize. The more players in Cashalot Castle, the better, so get those reels spinning and contribute to the jackpot total!


3.Caribbean Draw Poker 


Craps, Caribbean Draw Poker, and other table games were among the first to be introduced to online casino platforms and given a new digital home. The Microgaming version of the game comes with a nice five-figure progressive jackpot that continues to rise as more players strive to improve their poker abilities and increase their winnings.



Tunzamunni harkened back to a popular slot enthusiasts’ theme: the buried riches of an old tribe on a slot machine. It’s a known truth that slot machines themed after Incan gold and ancient Egypt appeal to our emotions.



Since inception Microgaming took the chance of attempting something new, and now, decades later, they are still regarded as one of the greatest, most innovative, and most dependable casino game developers in the market. Players are drawn to their collection of games because they are new, innovative, and incredibly interesting, according to the company. 


At microgaming, each slot has an intriguing topic or tale behind it, whether it is something entirely new or a reinterpretation of a well-known classic. These people’s ideas are entertaining, and the concepts are bold and colorful, which is precisely what one needs to get away from a dreary day at work or to simply brighten up one’s day with some color. With each new release, they continue to dazzle and captivate gamers, leaving them wanting more and more.



Sun Tzu’s Way of Winning in Online Casinos

From Nero to Napoleon, many conquerors have written their wisdom down, yet Sun Tzu managed to add something else to his famous book — ‘The Art of War’. Sun Tzu’s ability to integrate tactical combat instruction with philosophical precepts and life reflections has made the work ageless. Like Sun Tzu, we should find our way in the world by understanding situations meant to disadvantage us. This is exactly what we are discussing today: how to use Sun Tzu’s wisdom to your advantage and win in online casinos the classy way.



In Sun Tzu’s arena, winning was the goal, but losing was always a possibility. Sun Tzu’s tactics provided him an advantage over a better equipped force. Knowing this, we should constantly be on the lookout for teachings in The Art of War that can help me win the house advantage. The quote: “The trick is to confuse the opponent so he cannot understand our true intent.” comes to mind, because it is also applicable to table game advantage play, this remark resonates to my inner poker player. Obviously, the goal of poker is to mislead your opponent, and knowing deception tactics is already winning half of the battle.



From Chapter 2: Warfare, we read about how “Chaos brings opportunity.” So, let us consider this: an online casino player is surrounded by factors meant to confuse and deceive. Scoreboards stand above the roulette table, displaying streaks and patterns. Slot machines flash huge payouts, but the enormous odds against them are concealed in the tiny print. The craps table has dozens of wagers, virtually all of which are suckers. Casinos are difficult places to work if you’re easily distracted, which is why the greatest gamblers tend to be focused. 



‘To fight, one must first calculate the cost.’ — this is a Sun Tzu quote from the same chapter as the one above. This pearl of wisdom can be easily applied to online casino games, because it relates so much to bankroll management. In our opinion, economics is the most important ability that differentiates winners from losers. Before playing any casino game, be sure to budget, if not, you are planning to fail. Another quote from this chapter comes to mind again, and this time, it is:  “No nation has benefited from prolonged warfare.” Sun Tzu was spot on, which is why we always advise settling a game as soon as possible, keep an eye on your deposit limit, and never go over budget.



There is so much more to learn from this famous strategy textbook from Sun Tzu, this book is certainly a great gift towards mankind. Use it wisely, and you will never face defeat in an online casino ever again. We recommend reading the book itself to learn more about the Art of War. Test out your strategizing skills today at famous online casinos such as Mega888 or 918kiss.

How to Employ the Art of War in Online Casino

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu has been the cornerstone of strategic thought for almost 2,500 years. During the Warring States Period of ancient Chinese history, commander Sun Tzu led major military triumphs for King Helü of Wu. The Art of War offers 13 chapters of wisdom garnered from Sun Tzu’s practical experience creating warfare tactics. Here are four of the best quotations from this renowned book, as well as how Sun Tzu’s wisdom relates to modern gaming.



From Chapter 3 of the book we read that: “Know your opponent and yourself, and you need not dread a hundred fights. If you know yourself but not your adversary, you will lose every win. Every combat will fail if you don’t know your adversary or yourself.”


This is perhaps the most famous passage from The Art of War, as it applies to many aspects of life. Simply substitute the term “enemy” with a goal, a habit, or anything else in your life that demands work. To be genuinely prepared for combat, Sun Tzu advises his disciples to stay introspective even while focused on exterior matters. In the competitive casino sector, mastering one game isn’t enough because settings, regulations, and other aspects are always changing. Beyond game particular research, you should always practise your basic abilities.



“Victory fighters go to combat first, then win, whereas defeatist warriors seek victory first.”

Tactical Dispositions Sun Tzu’s warriors won or lost battles before they even swung a blade.

Sun Tzu just planned and prepared better than his opponents. This is how he routinely beat opponents with greater armies and other tactical advantages. In the casino, Sun Tzu advises players to practise before entering any real game that risks financial loss. You should treat your own wallet like how Sun Tzu treats his army. During the Chinese dynasties, Sun Tzu didn’t have access to the internet, but you can guarantee he was conducting simulations and planning for every eventuality, learn from this, and you just might become a professional online player.



“Pretend to be weak while you are strong.” — yes, deception. Gambling has always been tied closely with deception, this is, after all, where the term ‘poker face’ comes from. This quote or strategy is not as useful in, say, slot games and roulette. But in a poker game though, it can ensure that you beat any adversary you face in the game. In a poker  tournament, all players start with identical chip stacks and random beginning hands from a shuffled deck. This is a combat between two equal-sized armies, with equivalent soldier forces on each side. But, as Sun Tzu demonstrated throughout his military career, victory is not reliant on the quantity of men, but on their quality. All is fair in poker and combat – even lying.



“The Art of War” is a classic strategic book. Though this book isn’t usually connected with gambling, if you know how to utilize it to your advantage, given any situation, only or real life, you can always come out on top. Be sure to put this knowledge to good use the next time you log into Mega888 or 918kiss to play online casino games.

Beat The Online Casino House The Easy Way

Online casinos have completely transformed the gaming industry, giving a fun, convenient, and quick method to test your luck and maybe win big. If you play your cards well, casino slot games may even be a pleasant little moneymaker that can help you improve your bank account while you are relaxing in the comfort of your own home and enjoying yourself. It takes years of expertise, some insider information, and of course a little help from Lady Luck to figure out how to defeat the banker. Knowing is winning half the battle, today we’re going to teach you how to beat the house in online casinos with these amazing tips for maximising your chances of winning at online casinos. 


1. Decide on a game to play.

Rather than approaching online gambling with a scattergun approach, concentrate on one or two games that you truly love and become proficient at them. Fundamentals and principles are key to winning the game, you should put it to practice as much as possible. Eventually, you’ll develop a method that will boost your chances of success. This strategy may be applied to a variety of games, ranging from conventional card games to virtual internet games.


2. Be aware of your plan

When playing casino slot games with lesser jackpots, it’s often simpler to win because they tend to pay out more frequently than the higher jackpot games. If you are mastering two games, select one with a large jackpot and one with a modest jackpot in order to establish a balance between big winnings and the lesser bonuses that will maintain your bank account in good shape. Prepare a plan for each one and play it at its own level by calculating the odds and evaluating how much money you can afford to put down against your chances of winning.


3. Take use of promotional opportunities

Don’t be hesitant to take advantage of the discounts, promotions, and even prizes that online casinos constantly publish in order to persuade you to try out their casino slot games. There’s no catch; they simply want your business, and in exchange, they’ll give you a free chance at the jackpot!


4. Recognize your limitations.

When it comes to online gambling, strategy is important, but it is also possible to simply be having a terrible day. When this occurs, accept the fact that luck is not on your side and go on to something else. A deposit limit should always be in place, be it in a weekly, monthly or even a daily basis, plus you should always keep an eye on your limit. No use setting this limit if you don’t stick to it. You won’t be surprised when you check your bank account balance at the end of the week if you do it this way.

5. Quit while you’re ahead of the game

One of the most common mistakes players make when playing at online casinos is failing to cash out when they are ahead. Winning a large sum of money may be really exhilarating, and it might spur you on to try your luck again in the hope of winning an even larger jackpot at the conclusion of the game. It’s likely that you’ll simply gamble away whatever gains you have, so choose your bets sensibly and pocket your earnings rather than reinvesting them into the online slot machine game.



If you know how to bet sensibly and master the games that you are most familiar with, online gambling can be a tremendous amount of fun. You might be shocked at how much fun and success you can have with this! From now onwards, you may earn a lot of money online if you play the appropriate game and use the proper approach.


Martingale Strategy: Truth of Myth

Online casino players often look for a shortcut to win big at online casinos, it does not matter which game it is be it slot games, roulette, poker games or others, the main priority is always to win these games. You, as an online player, will sometimes encounter a strategy known as the Martingale Strategy, and you will probably wonder: does it really work? Well, to explain what Martingale strategy is, first we must understand what constitutes a ‘win rate’ in online casino terms. 


What is the definition of ‘Win Rate’?

Every casino game has a house edge, which is calculated by the house, and some times at other parts of the internet, different names for this term will appear such as the return to player percentage and others. For this explanation, we can quote a victory percentage of 92%, for example. This implies that for every $1 wagered, we will return 92 cents in profits to the player, adding onto the total 1 dollar wagered it will become $1.92 in rewards. House edge is critical to the establishment’s long-term profitability and viability. 


What is variance?

When playing slots, a large part of the enjoyment comes from guessing whether the next spin will result in a win or a loss. The variance is the term used to describe this unpredictability. It provides a genuine opportunity for the player to make a short-term profit while essentially assuring a long-term profit for the casino in the long run. While both results may appear to be in conflict at first glance, we have conducted simulations to illustrate how both are feasible under certain circumstances.


The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is often associated with real-money roulette or blackjack games, sometimes, you will see other players employ this strategy at slot games and other online casino games as well. The basis of this strategy is that if a player puts an initial wager of $1 and then win, they will continue to play with the same amount of money. If they lose, the stakes are increased by double. If they lose again, the stake will be doubled again, this goes on until the player wins, and then gets back all the money. Sounds legit? Let’s look at the facts.


The actual fact

The wake up call here is that every player has a certain amount of money to play with. While losing $1, $2, or even $4 can be swiftly recouped, the amounts that can be lost can quickly increase into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In order to explain what might happen over an extended length of time, simulations may be undertaken, as we already shown when addressing victory rate. All of these scenarios, however, have the same ending outcome: the player goes bankrupt. This is also true for other betting methods that are comparable to the one in question. Even while some have had greater success than others, the truth remains that all will ultimately fail in the long run. We would all be taking advantage of them if they did not, and casinos would struggle to thrive if they didn’t do this.



How Can Online Casinos Help You in Creating a Healthier Mind

The question that psychologists are asking society today is: do online casinos improve mental health? It is a fascinating question, really. Is it possible to improve your mental health by playing at online casinos? You might not have considered it, but there are some fascinating factors to ponder. Today, we at 918kiss will seek out the answer.


Non-stop Entertainment

Your mental health improves while you are having a good time. To put it simply, the more fun you have (no matter how you choose to do it), the better you will feel. When it comes to enjoying non-stop fun, there aren’t many choices that are better than playing at an online casino right now. Whether you’re playing on your smartphone or tablet, online casinos, such as those found at Mega888, bring the excitement and thrills of conventional casinos to life through your computer or mobile device’s screen. You may compete against other players in video poker games, have fun on the simple-to-play slots, or even try your hand (figuratively) at blackjack at Mega888. The number of games available to you is limitless, so make sure to give them all a go to figure out which ones you love the most.


Happiness is on the rise

Everyone, at some point in their lives, requires a source of happiness. After all, it is happiness that keeps the world turning. By joining up for an online casino, you will experience an increase in happiness, which will in turn improve your mental health. In the event that you’ve had a difficult day at work or a major disagreement with your spouse, you’ll be able to reach for your smartphone and engage in some of the top online casino games. A few spins on the slots or a game of roulette may be just what you need to get your spirits back up.


Improved brain function is the goal.

It is a good idea to play online games, especially casino games, in order to enhance the amount of grey matter in your brain. Grey matter is responsible for characteristics like control, navigation, and memories that are under our control. As a result, simply by participating in online casino games, your brain’s performance will improve. Not surprisingly, this is due to the fact that, in order to be effective and win at these games, you must engage your brain through focus and critical thinking.


Improved Social Abilities

Do you wish to increase your interpersonal abilities? If you answered yes, then online casinos are here to assist you. Interacting with other players and card dealers in games like video poker will be possible through the many games you’ll be able to access through the chat feature. The result is that you’ll have a better sense of well-being since you’ll be having a good time in a social atmosphere – something that a lot of other games don’t give for its players.



The conclusion should be obvious. If you are playing an online game in an online casino as good as 918kiss, it is certain that your quality of life will improve somewhat, and this will lead to a healthier mind. People should spend their time doing things that they love, and if you love to play online casino games in your free time, then you will most definitely love 918kiss.

Best Place for Poker on the internet

When it comes to selecting your next gambling site for some online betting fun, we’ve compiled a list of the five most crucial factors to consider. Because all of these characteristics are extremely important aspects that contribute to the possibility of safe and fair online gaming. Today, we introduce you to the future of online gaming, 918kiss, also known as the best place to play online poker.



Choose an online gaming site that is licensed or has gotten certification from the appropriate authorities. A number of conditions must be met for an online casino to be considered legit, including providing fair gaming and protecting your personal information. Such traits are what you can certainly expect from an online casino as reputable as 918kiss. 


Financial Options

Is bitcoin or PayPal your favourite means of making a deposit to get money? Take a check at the deposit alternatives that the gambling site provides to ensure that the method you want to use is supported. At 918kiss you can choose to use online transfer, instant transfer, debit or credit card or whatever payment app of your choosing, it doesn’t matter, you will always have options. While you’re looking at deposit possibilities, be sure to also look at withdrawal alternatives to see what you have available. These alternatives are sometimes more limited, or they are associated with a transaction delay ranging from a few days to a week or more.


Recommendations and Complaints

The same as it is vital to read reviews before picking a restaurant, reading reviews before choosing an online gambling site is essential when choosing an online gambling site. Taking time to read the reviews may provide you with a wealth of information about the site, including how well or poorly they treat their players. At 918kiss, we offer nothing other than the ultimate gaming experience for all of our members, satisfaction is almost guaranteed, just look up all the overwhelmingly positive reviews 918kiss had received in the past and see for yourself.


Bonuses and Promotions

When making your first investment, you should make sure to look into any bonus opportunities that may be available. Some players have reported receiving a greater bonus just by switching to a different deposit method or depositing a larger sum of money at 918kiss, this is certainly exciting news for online casino fans.


Availability of Games.

Before you go, but certainly not before you begin, have a look at the games and features that are available. At 918kiss, we take pride in our large arsenal of online casino games. 918kiss is an online casino that provides a large variety of online entertainment options such as roulette, slot games, card games and of course, everyone’s favorite that is online poker. When you’re tired of playing poker, you can always head on to the next section and try out the 918kiss slots.

918kiss: A Good Place for A Beginner to Start Playing Online Poker

After a thorough review process, we have found that 918kiss is our top-rated poker site for both new and experienced poker players, as well as for casual poker enthusiasts. The fact that this superb poker site draws a large number of leisure players means that the poker games at 918kiss are often easier than those found at other online poker rooms. As a result, their no-deposit bonus attracts casual players. In addition, the site hosts a large number of freeroll events, providing you the option to start from nothing and develop your poker bankroll!


Benefits for all beginners

918Kiss is the best poker site for casual players because of its generous $88 no deposit bonus and plenty of high-value freerolls. Beginner poker players may find the site to be particularly beneficial, as the site provides tables designed for beginning players, which allows you to enjoy a game against people of comparable ability to yourself.


Bonus at sign up

The usual sign-up offer at 918kiss is a 100 percent matching bonus up to $400, which may be claimed several times. Consider this: If you deposit $50, you will be eligible to get an extra $50 in free money from the site. The only way to earn bonuses is to participate in real money cash games or tournaments. Due to the fact that this bonus offer is only valid for your initial deposit, it is preferable to make a single large investment rather than multiple smaller ones. If you’re a novice or a casual player, the free sign up Bonus package is the greatest option for you to take advantage of. With this deal, you will not be required to make any deposits in order to begin playing poker at 918kiss! 


Loyalty program

918kiss boasts one of the most comprehensive loyalty programmes of all of the online poker sites we have examined. As you participate in real money cash games and tournaments, you will progress up the ranks. As your status levels rise, you will be able to participate in freerolls with greater prize pools. When the value of these freerolls is weighed against the points required to qualify for them, the value of these tournaments is fantastic for casual players. However, for more serious players, the corresponding rakeback given by these freerolls is far lower than the rakeback you would earn from practically any other site on our list..


Site Reliability 

From its inception in the early 20’s,  the 918kiss brand has been the most reliable brand in existence. Ask any online casino fans in Asia and they will tell you the same thing. All of the features you would expect from a major online poker operator are available on the site, which is quite user-friendly.



If you are a beginner looking for a safe, friendly and trusted place to start your online casino, your search will always end at 918kiss. We always recommend 918kiss because they are the top ranked online casino with an impeccable reputation in not only Asia, but the entire world. Download the 918kiss app now and try it.


How to Make Sure You Are Playing at a Safe Online Casino (Mega888)

Recently we have realized that the main struggle faced by newbies in the online casino world is that they do not know what makes an online casino to be ‘trusted’ and ‘safe’. Today, we will show you all the necessary criteria which makes an online casino dependable and adored by many of its fans using the best example we can think of — Mega888. 


What is Mega888?

If you have not heard of Mega888, you should know that Mega888 is the most well known online casino in history due to it setting new standards for other online casinos on how to create a secure online gaming environment. To this day, Mega888 continues to provide some of the greatest and most secure online casino alternatives available on the internet today. At Mega888, you are not just another player in a casino; you are a member of a group that provides the finest in online gaming, as well as excellent customer service and, of course, the characteristics that you would expect from a safe online casino. 


What are certifications?

Secure online casinos or mobile casinos are defined not only by having a certificate stating that they are safe, but also by the many methods and even tools that a casino utilises to ensure that they are safe in the first place. This can include things like encryption of all transactions, secure information, and a variety of online banking alternatives, among other things. Mega888 has all of these and much more to offer its customers. Apart from the fact that all of the transactions are completely safe and secure and encrypted, you are also provided with a number of safe and secure ways to make bets, allowing you to feel confidence in your ability to enjoy the games on offer and, of course, your Mega888 casino experience.


What is diversity?

At Mega888, you will find a diverse selection of casino games from which to choose, including all of the popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Video pokers, as well as some of the more well-known video slots. Blackjack, Roulette, and Video poker are just a few of the popular table games available at Mega888. Mega888 is not only safe and secure, but it also provides a variety of appealing promos to get you started right away when you join the casino. The selection of games that you can find at Mega888 are first class and extremely popular, and this is a result of the fact that the games are available in multiple languages and are available in a variety of currencies. This, along with the superb customer service and promos available, makes Mega888 a clear first option for players looking for a safe mobile casino to play at on the go.



The road to look for the safest online casino always ends at Mega888, this is because Mega888 is the only online casino that fits all the criterias that make an online casino trusted by the community. You can always count on Mega888, the best online casino in Asia, to provide the safest gaming environment to their fans.