How to Employ the Art of War in Online Casino

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu has been the cornerstone of strategic thought for almost 2,500 years. During the Warring States Period of ancient Chinese history, commander Sun Tzu led major military triumphs for King Helü of Wu. The Art of War offers 13 chapters of wisdom garnered from Sun Tzu’s practical experience creating warfare tactics. Here are four of the best quotations from this renowned book, as well as how Sun Tzu’s wisdom relates to modern gaming.



From Chapter 3 of the book we read that: “Know your opponent and yourself, and you need not dread a hundred fights. If you know yourself but not your adversary, you will lose every win. Every combat will fail if you don’t know your adversary or yourself.”


This is perhaps the most famous passage from The Art of War, as it applies to many aspects of life. Simply substitute the term “enemy” with a goal, a habit, or anything else in your life that demands work. To be genuinely prepared for combat, Sun Tzu advises his disciples to stay introspective even while focused on exterior matters. In the competitive casino sector, mastering one game isn’t enough because settings, regulations, and other aspects are always changing. Beyond game particular research, you should always practise your basic abilities.



“Victory fighters go to combat first, then win, whereas defeatist warriors seek victory first.”

Tactical Dispositions Sun Tzu’s warriors won or lost battles before they even swung a blade.

Sun Tzu just planned and prepared better than his opponents. This is how he routinely beat opponents with greater armies and other tactical advantages. In the casino, Sun Tzu advises players to practise before entering any real game that risks financial loss. You should treat your own wallet like how Sun Tzu treats his army. During the Chinese dynasties, Sun Tzu didn’t have access to the internet, but you can guarantee he was conducting simulations and planning for every eventuality, learn from this, and you just might become a professional online player.



“Pretend to be weak while you are strong.” — yes, deception. Gambling has always been tied closely with deception, this is, after all, where the term ‘poker face’ comes from. This quote or strategy is not as useful in, say, slot games and roulette. But in a poker game though, it can ensure that you beat any adversary you face in the game. In a poker  tournament, all players start with identical chip stacks and random beginning hands from a shuffled deck. This is a combat between two equal-sized armies, with equivalent soldier forces on each side. But, as Sun Tzu demonstrated throughout his military career, victory is not reliant on the quantity of men, but on their quality. All is fair in poker and combat – even lying.



“The Art of War” is a classic strategic book. Though this book isn’t usually connected with gambling, if you know how to utilize it to your advantage, given any situation, only or real life, you can always come out on top. Be sure to put this knowledge to good use the next time you log into Mega888 or 918kiss to play online casino games.