Martingale Strategy: Truth of Myth

Online casino players often look for a shortcut to win big at online casinos, it does not matter which game it is be it slot games, roulette, poker games or others, the main priority is always to win these games. You, as an online player, will sometimes encounter a strategy known as the Martingale Strategy, and you will probably wonder: does it really work? Well, to explain what Martingale strategy is, first we must understand what constitutes a ‘win rate’ in online casino terms. 


What is the definition of ‘Win Rate’?

Every casino game has a house edge, which is calculated by the house, and some times at other parts of the internet, different names for this term will appear such as the return to player percentage and others. For this explanation, we can quote a victory percentage of 92%, for example. This implies that for every $1 wagered, we will return 92 cents in profits to the player, adding onto the total 1 dollar wagered it will become $1.92 in rewards. House edge is critical to the establishment’s long-term profitability and viability. 


What is variance?

When playing slots, a large part of the enjoyment comes from guessing whether the next spin will result in a win or a loss. The variance is the term used to describe this unpredictability. It provides a genuine opportunity for the player to make a short-term profit while essentially assuring a long-term profit for the casino in the long run. While both results may appear to be in conflict at first glance, we have conducted simulations to illustrate how both are feasible under certain circumstances.


The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is often associated with real-money roulette or blackjack games, sometimes, you will see other players employ this strategy at slot games and other online casino games as well. The basis of this strategy is that if a player puts an initial wager of $1 and then win, they will continue to play with the same amount of money. If they lose, the stakes are increased by double. If they lose again, the stake will be doubled again, this goes on until the player wins, and then gets back all the money. Sounds legit? Let’s look at the facts.


The actual fact

The wake up call here is that every player has a certain amount of money to play with. While losing $1, $2, or even $4 can be swiftly recouped, the amounts that can be lost can quickly increase into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In order to explain what might happen over an extended length of time, simulations may be undertaken, as we already shown when addressing victory rate. All of these scenarios, however, have the same ending outcome: the player goes bankrupt. This is also true for other betting methods that are comparable to the one in question. Even while some have had greater success than others, the truth remains that all will ultimately fail in the long run. We would all be taking advantage of them if they did not, and casinos would struggle to thrive if they didn’t do this.