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Win iPhone 11 Pro With Maxim88

Win iPhone 11 Pro With Maxim88



On Maxim88, the gaming experience of players and customers has always been a top priority. As it was previously done on 96slots, we continuously do our best to give our players the best of rewards. One of the many things that makes Maxim88 stand out from the other online casinos in Malaysia, are our unique giveaways. Special rewards and gifts are always given, s a way of appreciating our newbies and other hardworking players who are having a swell time on our platform. And that’s why, Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re announcing the biggest giveaway of the year, which is going to be presented to the luckiest person here in Malaysia. Yeah, you hear it right, we are going to be giving a sleek iPhone 11 pro smartphone to a lucky player on June 15, 2020.


Therefore, to stand a chance, all players are enjoined to take part in, and play more and more games on our platform. The more bets you make, the more your chances of winning! And if you’re a newbie and are yet to sign up, now is the perfect time to do just that, as you may just be that lucky one that’ll win the iPhone 11 pro. If you are already a player, you can skyrocket your chances of winning by playing and betting some more on Maxim88.


As you get more involved in gaming on our platform, not only win you cart away other awesome prizes, but will surely earn a great position for the lucky draw. So come on, do not let this pass you by! Simply invest in some more games, and you might just end up with a brand new iPhone 11 pro!


In several platforms and companies today, one of the biggest shams include that of fake giveaways. Clients get cheated, while they are being urged by these platforms to deposit more money. Here at Maxim88, we believe in, and practice fair play. And this is why, in this competition, we don’t need for our players to invest too high to stand a chance or qualify. All that is required is a minimum deposit if MYR 200, while meeting an 888 turnover and above, during the promotion period.

The promotion period began on 15 May, 2020, and several thousands of gamers and players are playing continuously on our platform in order to qualify for the lucky draw. This promotion period will last right until 15 June 2020, a one month duration, after which the draw will commence.

To ensure that the new players are given a fair chance, it is only the amount that is spent gaming during the promotional period that will be considered, while also noting the amount that is spent on turnovers.


As soon as these conditions have been met and fulfilled, you will then be included in this competition, and no one will be able to stop you from enjoying the new iPhone 11 pro.


As each and every user will need to complete the turnover requirements, note that, for every turnover on non-live table games, such as Blackjack, Craps, Video Poker, American Roulette, Baccarat and the non-slot games, it will be recorded as a requirement for turnover, unless explicitly mentioned.


Every player that qualifies for the draw is going to stand an equal change. The draw will take place via a Random Number Generator. In this system, there is no possibility of cheating; this system has been used multiple times across the globe for several variations of lucky draws.


The winner of this giveaway will then be contacted by Maxim88 via the registered phone number to provide them with the shipping details. Hence, every player should ensure that their contact phone number is updated and going through, else, they will be disqualified.

Within 8 working days of release of the results of the draw, Maxim88 will release the prize to the winner.


On Maxim88, fair play is the order of the day, and every player is urged to do the same. Hence, if any player attempts to use any backdoor means to win the prize, that player will be completely disqualified from the process. If any player attempts to utilize several accounts to participate in the competition, the prize will be confiscated.


Maxim88 does it’s best to ensure an equal opportunity for all players, so because of our values, Maxim88 reserves the right to disqualify any player or players who attempt to cheat the system and/or influence the draw in any way whatsoever.

It is necessary that every player complies with these terms and conditions in order to take part in the draw.


On the Internet, there are lots of casinos available, but only a select few appreciate and value their players. Here at Maxim88, our way of showing appreciation to our users has continuously been the leading cause of our success in a competitive market of top notch casinos. We also love to show and give more value to our players that utilize our platform regularly. That’s why we believe that every player should be provided with an equal opportunity to win prizes, and that’s also why we’ve set the threshold deposit as low as MYR 200.

Go ahead player, what are you waiting for? Game it some more on our platform, and win the brand new iPhone 11 pro. We wish all our players the best of luck as we await the big day of the lucky draw.