Sun Tzu’s Way of Winning in Online Casinos

From Nero to Napoleon, many conquerors have written their wisdom down, yet Sun Tzu managed to add something else to his famous book — ‘The Art of War’. Sun Tzu’s ability to integrate tactical combat instruction with philosophical precepts and life reflections has made the work ageless. Like Sun Tzu, we should find our way in the world by understanding situations meant to disadvantage us. This is exactly what we are discussing today: how to use Sun Tzu’s wisdom to your advantage and win in online casinos the classy way.



In Sun Tzu’s arena, winning was the goal, but losing was always a possibility. Sun Tzu’s tactics provided him an advantage over a better equipped force. Knowing this, we should constantly be on the lookout for teachings in The Art of War that can help me win the house advantage. The quote: “The trick is to confuse the opponent so he cannot understand our true intent.” comes to mind, because it is also applicable to table game advantage play, this remark resonates to my inner poker player. Obviously, the goal of poker is to mislead your opponent, and knowing deception tactics is already winning half of the battle.



From Chapter 2: Warfare, we read about how “Chaos brings opportunity.” So, let us consider this: an online casino player is surrounded by factors meant to confuse and deceive. Scoreboards stand above the roulette table, displaying streaks and patterns. Slot machines flash huge payouts, but the enormous odds against them are concealed in the tiny print. The craps table has dozens of wagers, virtually all of which are suckers. Casinos are difficult places to work if you’re easily distracted, which is why the greatest gamblers tend to be focused. 



‘To fight, one must first calculate the cost.’ — this is a Sun Tzu quote from the same chapter as the one above. This pearl of wisdom can be easily applied to online casino games, because it relates so much to bankroll management. In our opinion, economics is the most important ability that differentiates winners from losers. Before playing any casino game, be sure to budget, if not, you are planning to fail. Another quote from this chapter comes to mind again, and this time, it is:  “No nation has benefited from prolonged warfare.” Sun Tzu was spot on, which is why we always advise settling a game as soon as possible, keep an eye on your deposit limit, and never go over budget.



There is so much more to learn from this famous strategy textbook from Sun Tzu, this book is certainly a great gift towards mankind. Use it wisely, and you will never face defeat in an online casino ever again. We recommend reading the book itself to learn more about the Art of War. Test out your strategizing skills today at famous online casinos such as Mega888 or 918kiss.